Wednesday, October 22, 2008

10/21/08 Romeo

Walk, Trot, Canter, Rollbacks, and a few really sturdy WHOAs. Worked on lead departures, cantered left & right. On one long side of his pasture, I asked for a faster canter... just before the end of the fenceline, I looked left, turned him left, and asked with a little rein for him to slow down. It was pretty neat... he listened beautifully, all with the wind pushing in our faces. He stumbled once in canter (gopher hole), pulled himself back up & kept right on going. Canter sessions this ride were more in number, and longer. He was a pretty sweaty mess at the end, so I took him on a long walk-out down the road, and finished up in the front yard with a few more rollbacks.

Couple of days off scheduled for the little man... He's done good, and he's settled back in at home. When I walk into his pasture, he willingly walks up to me, and drops his head for the halter. When I turn him loose, he doesn't run off crazy, just kind of wanders away gently. I like that. I don't want a horse unhappy to see me, or anxious to get me out of his space.

I've decided to try again & find a place for lessons. I'm not focusing on anything except flat work, and trying really hard to get my canter balance under control. I'm able to ask for the transition up, and sticking in the saddle is getting better. It's going to take somebody on the ground talking to me, "heels down, sit back" to keep it all under control.

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