Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pasture's Mowed & Watered

In that order, which is even better. A neighbor that I work with had commented a few months ago he would try to drive his tractor over to my place & shred for me. I didn't hold my breath, as I wasn't sure it would really happen. Then, last week, I saw him at a work event, and he said the same thing. Said it might happen this week due to vacation & nothing else scheduled to do. The weather men have been predicting rain this week, and it looked on radar to have sprinkled on the place, so I figured it wasn't going to happen again.

On the way home, I looked in his yard, and saw the tractor missing. Could it be? Was he really there? I drove down my road, approaching the house, the front pasture looked a bit different. Pulled in the drive, shut off the truck, and got out. I could hear it! It was really true! He was out there, tractor running, carefully shredding each square foot of the pasture. He was in Romeo's pasture. I looked around Chewie's lot, and he was standing, bell boots off (but nearby). I put the bell boots back on him, and realized his whole pasture was already mowed. :) Nifty neat!

Talked to the neighbor, who explained that Chewie, or "Twinkle Toes", as he called him, played with the tractor, galloped around the pasture like a nitwit, and was very curious what the tractor was all about. One time, it was overheating from some weeds, and Chewie was still trying to sniff the muffler. Romeo, however, ran from it, kicking & bucking. It took him the better part of the whole day, but he mowed the entire pasture, even in the arena. All that's left for me to do is pull the weeds on the arena fence line. (Note to self - need to spray weed killer on the arena fenceline early next year, so this doesn't happen again.)

As he finished up, I gave him a bottle of water, and asked, "What's the charges for this fine service?" His response tickles me... "Home Baked cookies." I asked, "Any particular kind?" He answered, "Surprise me. I don't care. Anything will do." That's cheap & easy! Much better than the near-$100 bill I've paid the contractor that came one time, and the neighbor that came the other time & charged even more.

Around 3:00am this morning, I woke to heavy rain pounding the roof. I got up, and could hear it absolutely pouring. This morning, walking out to feed the boys, I sploshed through a few small puddles, and saw even more water laying. A blessing, indeed.

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SunnySD said...

Great to have that accomplished - needs to be done here, too.

Cookies are great currency. They get me remembered at the mechanics. I usually drop a batch off at Christmas & Easter :)