Monday, October 13, 2008

Friday Night, 10/10/08

I'm going to take this weekend a day a post. A TON happened, and for once, I had a fabulous weekend. Had to come to the office to sit down & rest, but it was fabulous. Just absolutely incredible.

Stopped for groceries on the way home Friday, well aware my weekend was going to be jam-packed. Did my quick shopping, and headed to the house. Ran into a co-worker at one of the feed stores (saddle & pad window shopping), told him I was saddle shopping. He knew of a fellow who used to hand make saddles that was going out of business, said he'd give him a call. That turned into a "Meet me at the cross of road ___ & ___, and I'll introduce you to him." I went, I looked, but I didn't see much I could enjoy. He had a 14.5" pleasure saddle, but it wasn't much to look at or ride in. Low cantle, low swells, just yuck. Told him I was more interested in a roping saddle. He walked me over to a hand-made roping saddle, 15", beautifully crafted, but slippery seat. Whee! That wouldn't help stick me in my saddle, pooh on that. Politely told him "thank you", and headed home.

Caught Chewie, and lunged him. Disappointed I wasn't going to get to ride, but he lunged out great in the side reins & surcingle. I think he was also a big sad when I took off the side reins & bridle, but didn't get on. He mosied back to the trailer, confused look in his eyes. "Sorry buddy, but there's not enough daylight, and I'm not putting the lights on just to fight mosquitoes. We'd both be miserable." He seemed to understand. Total work, about 35 minutes. w/t/c, both directions

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