Thursday, October 16, 2008

Something. Ate. My. Rose. Blooms.

And I'm not happy about it. I spent all summer nursing this beautiful hybrid rose. It's called "Strike It Rich", or something like that. "Strike it Gold" maybe? Can't remember. The tag's still on it. It was hot & dry all summer, and I watered, fertilized, nursed, talked to it, the works.

It finally had four moderate blossom buds on it. They were going to be nice stemmed blooms, too. Ones I could trim as they were opening, stick them in a vase, and put on my desk, to start "Jennifer has flowers on her desk" chatter.

And something ate them.
Ate them!
Some little vermit took the initiative to crawl under my house, wander up to my rose blooms, and knaw off the blossoms.

Will. Have. to.

Little Vermin! Anybuddy know how to prevent reoccurence, short of closing all the ins & outs under the house? I've still got that stray Momma cat coming in the back yard every few days, and it's a safe place to let her eat, so I don't really want to close in all the spaces. Might have to, and hope she learns how to jump over the fence to get in for food.

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