Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Chewie Worked in Around Life

Life is, well, Life. Family situation is, really, for all purposes, no better. If anyone had asked me late last week, I would've said, "It's improving". As the weekend drew to a close, it was a disaster, again. I'm caught in the middle, and I can't do a thing about it. I've thought through all of the conversations I've been in the middle of, and none have been pretty. I'd like to say I'm the mature one that's handled things well, but I've only responded to what's been dealt to me. I hate the whole situation, I hate that it's impacting my every moment, and I hate more that everyone has involved me more than I should be. I hate that I'm being held responsible for things I had no part in, no piece in the original decision. I hate it. Enough said. Well, for now, at least.

After a chaotic day at the office, I decided to ride Chewie early rather than late. I also decided last-minute to pull my hunter saddle off the rack & ride him english. His warm up was a little stiff, but it seemed he was working with the side reins a bit more at the canter, especially right. His trot left was disappointing, as he was head-up, and leaning with all his might into the bit. He worked in side reins for about 10 minutes, then carried me for 30. We worked on walk, trot, on the bit, long stretches down, and a little WP jog. I peeked down at his track in the jog a few times, and it appeared the hoofprints weren't far from tracking-under. Nifty for as slow as it felt.

The turnout blanket has been claimed, and departed for its new home Saturday morning. I think I sent it to the right place, as the lady seemed honest and the story true. If I'm being taken advantage of, that's a risk I took. I hope the turnout gets many more years of use on a horse it'll fit better.

My saddle search continues. Can't settle on a size for horse bars. I have concluded I'm a 15" seat. The more I cantered in the 16", the more I slid around, and the less secure I felt. Still can't find a horse-fit I understand.

We are blessed - it did rain at my house today, and I hope to find puddles when I get home. I don't think I will, but maybe I'll at least find the ground damp.

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