Tuesday, October 28, 2008

10/27/08 Chewie & RIP Squirrel

Squirrel story comin' up. =)

Tacked up Chewie, had a beautiful warmup. It was cooling down outside, so I expected minor blow-ups. I got a little one, but nothing severe. I jumped on & rode a while, lots of trot transitions. A little canter left to get his joints loose (and to make sure he realizes I'm going to consistently keep asking for the canter).

Mike my hunter co-worker showed up, suited up in his leafy camo, and set up a "ground blind" in the pasture. No deer killed last night - they see me and don't even hesitate or run off. My plain clothes give them comfort, I guess. That camo scares the beejeezers out of them, because Mike shows up in camo, and they split for the hills.

Getting the boys supper, Mike was still setting up shop. I went to refill Chewie's water bucket, when I found a yuckie discovery. "Mike, come here... Get that thing out of his water bucket, please!" There was a squirrel, dead, in his water bucket. Mike removed the squirrel, and the water, and I hosed it out & refilled.

RIP Little Furry Squirrel

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