Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Romeo's Day - 10/20/08

Chewie, having worked hard four days straight, got Monday off. I grabbed Romeo quickly after work, saddled him up, and noticed the muscle development across his shoulders & hips. Looking good, little man! Looking good!

Worked for about 45 minutes on all the regular stuff. I won't say I made any fantastic progress. My seat was a bit better, and I let him head straight for longer spurts. We rode in his pasture, so, while the footing isn't as good as my arena, the lines are straighter, and the space more open. I did notice the starts of his turns aren't real balanced - might explain the arena problems I had over the weekend. Worked on a few solid backups and rollbacks. There was a deer trying to get from Chewie's pasture to me & Romeo, and when we spotted each other, it sort of wandered off to the side, grazing & waiting patiently for that human & her horse to get outta the way. It was cute... Cooled him down with a walk down the road.

Looking forward to tonight... I don't know who I'll ride.. I suspect Romeo. Should have company, and I might have him help set up standards and a crossrail - attempt a canter to a fence & over, then back to relax. Not 100% sure... the arena is tight for him, and I don't want him thinking he's got to balance a really tight turn after the fence.

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