Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Weekend Plans

Didn't ride last night again. I toyed with the notion of skipping choir rehearsal for a number of reasons - I was tired, I was lazy, everyone else skips regulary, we had a fill-in director, there would be visitors from another church, I was lazy, I was tired, lather, rinse, repeat. Anyway, I recognized it's time to be a big-girl, get my pants on, and meet my commitments. So I gave Chewie and early supper, apologized for not working him, and went to choir.

Cowboy Les called, said Romeo was wormed, got a bath to get all the mud out, and he's ready to come home after the parade Saturday. I'm happy. I can confidently canter him now, he neck reins pretty easy, and he does halt at my say so. I'm looking forward to his little rump back in the pasture. Les says "Feed him more than you were. He needs it." When he gets home, I'll take pictures, and ya'll can comment. A weight expert I am not - I know what Chew looks like when he's healthy, but I haven't a clue what healthy QH looks like without being super-fit, and I don't intend on putting that many hours on him.

Tonight, Chewie and I will work feverishly, side reins, western saddle, and we will canter, at least left lead. I'd like to try walk into canter more - It seems to keep Romeo under control and rating. My instructor from South Carolina, Miss Susan, had told me last summer that walk into canter keeps the canter better controlled than trot to canter. We'll see. I don't notice much difference from the ground between trot-canter and walk-canter.

Friday, Chewie, repeat.

Saturday, Les and I, along with the local Rodeo Association fellows, are going to be walking in the County Fair 4H parade. I will probably run into the girl that used to board Chewie, but given our nasty history, I'll probably only be polite and not much more. I'm supposed to take my trailer to town with me, so Romeo can come home after the parade. Les and I have tentative plans to go to a saddle shop about 2 hours from my house, and shop for my new saddle. I'm optimistic. My "hurricane pay" is in the bank now, and I've decided to spend some of it so I can get a more-better saddle than I would otherwise. (Yup, Bad grammar.. I don' care. shoot me... I gotta be smart all day long, so I take shortcuts when I can.)

Sunday, after early church, I'm headed home to change, load up the trailer, grab Romeo, and head to the town park. Me and Romeo are going trail riding with D & Maggie, our new "Starbucks riding buddy". Looking forward to the time. If an open space presents itself where I can actually ride him out a bit, I am hoping to canter him a little on my own before, during, or after the trail ride. I will get walk circles out any time I can, taking him on and off the marked trail just enough to keep his attention. Really Really looking forward to "trying out" my new horse without Les's direct guidance.

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