Monday, October 27, 2008

10/25/08 Tracking Steers

Well, sort of.

Took Romeo to the rodeo arena with Cowboy Les. It would just be us that day, as they weren't team roping or practicing. This was a good thing, I would later find out, as Romeo would teach me.

Les's wife MG came briefly to videotape some canter for me. I've watched both videos, and they're pretty good. I've got work to do, for sure, but I was satisfied to see my back upright & straight, and my heels underneath my hips, and not sprawled out in front of me. Video will be posted in the next few days if all goes according to plans.

MG left, video camera doo-diddies put away (including my hat that was trying to blow off my head), and Les & I penned up about 4 steers.

We went to tracking. The point in the game was to stay at the steer's hip, pushing, and head as fast as the steer, whether walk, trot, canter, or all-out gallop. The first steer was slow, and not playing the game. Romeo was biting his rear end, and we were right on top if him, but he wouldn't push out.

Second steer had the game in mind. Took off down the arena... and I said to Romeo, "Let's go get her!!" Well, he took off... but when the steer cut to the inside, Romeo didn't. He kept on running right down the arena. Steer ran to the out-gate, Les chased it back up the long side, and we took off after it again, still not fast enough. Back at the out-gate, I said to Les, "Okay, it's your turn.. I'm exhausted, and he's not getting it." Les & his friend's horse in-training Blue, took off, full speed ahead. Blue tracked a LOT better than Romeo, obviously showing his training experience.

Romeo was exhausted, and so was I. We had a blast, but if we're going to get into cow-sport, he's going to have to learn to do some of the thinking for the both of us... because I can't balance, and steer, and chase the steers running amuck...

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