Friday, November 21, 2008

11/20/08 Chewie

I think the shoulder was a game to get out of work. Anyways, it was an unsuccessful effort with me. I did wrap his legs with polos before work, hoping any scuffle temper fit he'd throw in the round pen would be muted by the leg protection.

I didn't warm him up as fiercely as Les did, but eventually got him at the same high gallop. One thing Les wanted him to do was at "whoa", stop going at the rail, come to the pen center, and stop. I needed to remind Chewie of the game with a lunge line, but after a few minutes, he remembered. He went forward nicely, and on "whoa", came in, licking & chewing. One time he got out there really fast, tearing around the pen kicking up dust. I said, "Whoa!", stepped just in front of his shoulder, and he came in, breathing hard. I let him stand for a few minutes, rubbing him all over and told him what a good boy he was. After he caught his breath, we went back to it. The "whoa"s were easier after that. I took off the line, worked on it some more, and also worked on transitions up & down. Put his french link snaffle in, climbed on bareback, and worked on neck reining at the walk, and rode a while at trot on the rail. I was searching for the lameness Les described, but there was none to be found. I think he was messing with us...

One friend suggested saddle fit. I mentioned it to Les, and commented, "I didn't feel anything bareback, so that might've been it. You have other saddles.. Let's check those out, huh?" He agreed to try others.

Romeo has a busy weekend ahead. Let me dig up some hot coffee somewhere's... I'll find the Friday Fill Ins, get that accomplished. I've got a rant in my head I need to phish out, so ya'll will have to tolerate my temper tantrum. Sometimes society baffles me, and if I don't type it out, someone over the holiday season may hear my opinion too loudly.. that would be bad.

where's the coffee???????

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