Wednesday, November 19, 2008

11/18/08 Respecting the Bit

Tacked Romeo in my Western saddle, English bit. I love my hunter bit - It's a loose ring snaffle, steel with a copper french link in the middle. It's so flexible, and the copper brings out nice happy horse-spit!

I wasn't really sure if he'd obey me in the bit, stopping on "whoa", without a lot of bit pressure. His go's and whoa's were great! His neck reining, well, that left a gap. I think the english bridle, with the nice cotton web reins (I Love holding onto, they're so soft!) wasn't enough. I have english leather reins, and it might be time to use them, or pick up a pair of rubber reins.. something. Anyways, Romeo didn't want to obey neck reining cues for flip, even with added leg pressure. I think it was that the cotton reins weren't getting through his winter fuzz to his skin. Not sure... But I cantered him neck reining, and direct reining. Had my elbows bending on light contact and all. Both leads, both directions. It was a pretty neat feeling. Reins in each hand, legs securely on the horse, his mind totally on me. He had his ears turned on me more last night than he has in a while. We wrapped up with a walk down the road, plagued with goofy redneck neighbor whistling (at the deer, I assume, looking for antlers to shoot at; sad for him, they're a herd of does.. he doesn't know that I guess), and another neighbor trolling behind me in his 4-wheeler. I waited a couple times, thinking he'd pass, and Romeo could get a look at the ATV. No such luck... Oh well. Total work about a half hour. Not as much as I'd wanted, but good enough.

Talked to new instructor Miss Susan. Western saddle, western bit (tom thumb), and fat-jeans. Les was asked not to attend, so she can see me all for herself, without any fear of me "worrying what my friend might think of my riding." She doesn't know that Les has seen me at my worst, and has a knack for forcing me a bit past comfortable just to develop more confidence. That's okay... we're still on schedule for noon Sunday. I can't wait!!!

I think Chewie was faking-me out. I poked his shoulders.. both sides, in fact. He gave, but it was more a "Gimmee a cookie, witch" give than it was a "owwie that hurts, stinkie!" give. I think he isn't in pain any more than normal on his ever-changing right front.

need hoof pictures need hoof pictures need hoof pictures... if I type it over and over and over I'll remember, right??

Ya'll have a ducky good day. If you live where the snow flies, bottle some up for me. It's been cool here, and I wish there was white stuff to go with it... better than just "cold" with no particular purpose.

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