Tuesday, November 18, 2008

11/17/08 Update on All

Chewie's shoulder still sore. Dangit... I'm having serious "sell the horse" thoughts. He's great, when he's great. Those are far between. Les insists I sell him online. I don't want to do that... There are a select people or three I don't want anywhere near him, because I know he won't be treated well. I don't even feel like discussing the matter with them, or having their notes in my inbox... Might shoot an email to the lady I got him from. I don't know... I'm almost getting too much pressure from Les to "get out of the habit of feeding a horse I can't use for anything or get any benefit from." My real hesitation is I don't want to give him away for nearly nothing, and I don't want him in an abusive cowboy home where he winds up with spur marks all over him... Hard to ferret out evil people...

Shorty came home. Report is he was staggering & weak wandering around the pasture, but ate supper grain & breakfast hay. Vet said "get him a salt block so he'll drink more." UM! Great idea, but if the horse won't drink because of cold weather, salt won't convince him. Anyways... he's back home & I look forward to seeing him again soon. I hope he isn't ridden in a while, but that's incredibly out of my control, and I hate that.

Romeo and I worked in the pasture before dark. Walk, Trot, Canter. I put a ground pole out, and asked him to canter over it. He was a little stickie, but eventually did it mid-stride without fuss. It was pretty neat to get him over it, and give him the reins in front of the fence. Sort of let him figure out where to put his feet. Total work about 45 minutes.

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