Monday, November 10, 2008


Weather was wonderful... I have decided that Romeo's so easy to ride, it's high-time Chewie get with the program and become that agreeable.

Tacked him Western, and gave him a good, hard warmup in the round pen. Lots and lots and lots of canter, hard canter at that.

Took him to the arena, and we worked on all neck reining, walk, and trot. All on a loose rein, lots of figure eights, lots of circles, lots of serpentines, and all on a loose rein. I pushed him on with my legs a little, and got most of my turns off of neck rein & leg pressure. More leg than I'd like to use. He stumbled a bit, and by the end, finally started picking his feet up enough to not be stumbling. About a solid hour's work - he was tired when we were done, because he quit arguing about turning on leg, and also stopped easily when asked on breath instead of sharp rein.

Caught Romeo, took him to the pasture, walk, trot, canter right, canter left, a little more trot. Again, had to push him on to keep him in the canter - might be a response to the 10% feed he's on. I'm entirely not sure what to be feeding him, because I don't want him hot & stupid, but I have a feeling the 10% sweet feed just isn't enough to keep him motivated. I don't want to ride in spurs, but it might be necessary. Not entirely sure what to do .... He and I cooled off with a walk-out down the road a bit farther. Neighbors next door spooked him up good on the walk back - tamping poles into the ground (or something,,, I didn't stare to figure out what goofiness he was doing), and clothes flapping in the wind. I stayed calm, with Romeo's head up in the sky, ears and eyes wide, trying real hard to just gallop home & get away from the boogers. No big deal, I kept telling him..

Quiet night - Watched some tv, had beans & cornbread for supper, relaxed & snoozed to bed early.

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