Monday, November 10, 2008


Spent the morning cleaning house & running errands. Before I knew it, it was 12:45pm, and Les & MG wife were in the truck in my driveway.

Loaded Romeo, and we went to Les' mom's house to trail ride a while. Wandered their cow pastures, hay meadows, shooshed a few deer. The biggest adventure of the ride was the small deep ditch. Les had been leading the ride, and I guess didn't anticipate the ditch- surprise. MG & Amigo ambled through it just fine. Les & Sugar had to hand-walk through it, after some serious arguing that ended in Les getting off & hand-leading her through it. Romeo hesitated a bit, but overall, went through it good. Les & Sugar were right at the other side, and I had to run into some bushes to keep from running into them. Dangit! I now know when I'm trail riding, if there's an obstacle, make the way clear before proceeding on. We rode for quite a while, mostly at a walk, but it was a good ride.

Celebrated Les' weight-loss efforts with a supper trip to Texas Roadhouse. I called it the "220 party". Les had been telling me, "I drop to 220#, I'm taking you girls out to dinner." I kept asking him, "Is it time for the 220# Roadhouse yet??"

I ate too much, or drank too much, either/or, I got a little sick, but was much better after we got home. Fed the kids, and curled myself up on the couch. A good day overall.

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