Monday, November 17, 2008

11/14/08 Shots & Coggins

Didn't ride Thursday due to dog-hunt. Didn't ride Chewie Friday since he was six weeks due for feet trims, and I didn't see a reason to cause something bad to happen & ruin him before Saturday's appointment.

Romeo was due for shots & coggins on 11/23, the day of my first lesson. So I took him in Friday.

Current health is good. Cresty neck, vet says take some weight off. Not sure I understand. His neck's been like it is since I bought him - I think due to staying a stallion and breeding a few times before he was gelded.
Vitals good. Eyesight good. Legs & back still strong.
He got all of his shots. Coggins bloodwork taken, and a minor dental float.

Loaded him back in the trailer, and headed out. The vet jokingly said to me, "If he works cows, we might need you a time or two to help us move some cows. Help the cows get used to the horse, and help the horse get used to the 4-wheeler we've been using." Not such a bad idea. Might follow-up on that, since I trust him pretty good.

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