Monday, November 17, 2008

11/15/08 New Feet & Romeo-Ride

Loaded Chewie up at dark-thirty, and headed out for Mr. Don's house. I really do need to get pictures this time... The appointment went great! Don was happy to see some of the progress Chewie has made in growth & balance. He commented in his trimming of the right front "This looks a lot better than it has. The bruising is getting trimmed out, he's not so sensitive on it. We're clearing up whatever was causing that laminitis-looking mess. He's not 100%, but it's getting better."

It was a pleasant appointment. We talked a bit about Romeo, and he mentioned a product to me designed for easy-keepers. It's called "Barn Bag", and it's from a company in Al. Supposed to have all the vitamins & minerals horses need in it, and then calories and starches are to come from whole oats and hay. Interesting concept, and something I will check into.

Took Chewie home in the windy cool weather. It was a snappy windy morning, northern front blustering through the area.

Caught Romeo, rode him about a while. I free lunged him in the round pen for about 15 minutes, out of complete curiosity 1)what he'd do in the round pen, if he'd still blow-up & be goofy, which he didn't, and 2)get the goobers out from not being ridden, then being asked to work in cool weather. He was great. Rode him for about a half hour, walk, trot, canter. Great ride, lots of easy transitions, cantered left & right without issue. I have learned if I ask for canter now on the straight-aways, he gets his lead, no head-leaning necessary. Don't even really have to concentrate on squeeze with my outside leg. It was a pleasant 45 minutes with him. I stayed in the pasture this ride, and didn't wander down the roadways.

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