Monday, March 1, 2010

02/25/10 Ransom Dressage

Knowing I still have some dressage goals for 2010, I gathered Ransom in all his dressagie-goodness after work.

He leaned on the bit quite a lot, and it felt like he was refusing to collect. Sitting the trot was horrendous, I'm sure partly because I'm out of practice. I trotted him over the ground poles a time or two, to help lift him up off the bit. He'd stretch up & out for the poles, and following, go right back to leaning on me. Yech!

I rode him for about 45 minutes. Nothing super dramatic happened, with the exception of one burst of fear, courtesy of a white-tailed deer that HAD to squirt out from the trees. It was near the end of the ride, so neither of us were particularly moved by the critter.

Jumping is fun, and dressage is physically and mentally challenging. I ought to put some more hours into my dressage work to keep him light. I also ought to start thinking again about the Myler bit Julie used on him. It would be beneficial, if nothing else, to mix up his anticipation of contact. I still haven't decided, though.

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