Monday, March 8, 2010

03/06/10 Hay Hay Hay!

Get up Friday morning, call the feed store.

Ya'll have any hay?
We have just a few left.

So I rearranged my day. Got to the feed store, laid payment & claim on the last 5 bales they had. I had places to be (including a doctor's appointment) in the afternoon, so I gave them my promise I'd be back later to load the hay. Store owner seemed a little miffed at the notion I was leaving them there.

You're coming back to get this, right?
Well, DUH! I'm not giving you money for nothing. I just ain't losin' it in the stoopid walmart parking lot in town.

Got my errands done, doctor's done, and headed back to the feed store. I pull up to a FULL TRAILER LOAD OF HAY. An 18-wheeler tractor trailer loaded full of squares. I stormed in the store, upset. Why tell me "that's the last 5 you're going to have until fresh cut" when the trailer's full? liars liars...

Why is that trailer full if there isn't anymore?
Truck came around 12:30. But you can only have ten per customer.
Fine. Then give me my other 5. I can work around the system.
Don't use a check with your name on it if you think you're gonna send someone else in here.
No kidding. I'm not stupid.

As of this morning, I had 25 bales in my barn. I won't say how the other 15 ended up there, nor will I comment on the other 5 I've paid for. But the feed store can't complain. It's "10 per customer" (which conveniently became "5 per customer" for someone else I know Saturday morning), and I happen to have 25 of them total.

30 bales should hold us just fine until fresh cut in early May. Lord bring the rain, but bring the sunshine, too.

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