Thursday, March 18, 2010

Public Service Announcement

I feel like the Big Kid in the city now...

My Census came in the mail yesterday.
I filled it out today.
It's pretty simple, and doesn't ask much.
How many people live in the home
Is it paid for, in a loan, rented, or owned by someone else
Phone Number (which they state is so they can ask questions if they need to)

So, I must wonder... Why would they need to call if those are the only questions they're asking? What's so difficult about that above information? Maybe if you can't follow instructions and check the boxes?
hmmm... If they do call me, I'm gonna laugh hard!


Stephanie said...

HAHAHAHA! I was thinking the same darn thing as I filled mine out yesterday afternoon...

I know let us waste more money by first sending a letter to let you know the census will be coming soon, then send the actual census, I know lets rack a big phone bill to, just to make sure... what? that we spelled our names right???

Sorry to rant :)

Jennifer said...

Honey, don't forget all the hours they wasted of good quality television commercials advertising for the stoopid thing, too..

I wanna know how they justified all those papers for my little household of one!