Friday, March 19, 2010

3/19/10 The Final Day

Grabbed Ransom up out of his pasture, and made the decision of "no fences at the show". I wasn't going to force him to do something up there I wasn't 100% comfortable with at home. No reason to freak us both out, right?

So I worked on all the things I could think of we'd need in our three pre-registered classes.
Transitions - better, but still not stellar
Quiet on contact - Nice low head & neck, easy gaits, quiet, slow movement
Flying Changes - Still stuck with those little 2 trots in between, but I didn't push the issue. When he changed quietly, I left him alone.
Extending trot & canter - What a blast! I leaned up into two point, clucked and/or kissed, depending on the gait, and allowed him to move out.. He was quite happy with this, ears perked forward, and a little snortling in glee. Goober!! He LOVES going somewhere, and made that entirely clear to me.
Sidepassing, Turns on Fore & Rear - good! He sidepasses.. what a Jumper Pony! *giggle* The turns got better with each ask, so I didn't force the issue.

With our ride complete, I knew all I was going to know, and most importantly, our basics were as good as they were going to get in that short amount of time.

Got Ransom a bath, clean up clipped, Laser Sheen all over. Shiny!! =)

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