Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fugly Done Wrong ... Done it All Wrong

Of course the account is suspended this morning.. Just when I finally found something to call Her out on.... Anyways.. I told Sarah I'd do this, and I'm good on my word.

I found a Fugly post yesterday, troubling, and amusing. She told the tale of a trainer entering a seasoned world-class show Appy horse in a novice hunt seat class at a local schooling show, kickin' ass & takin' names.

Now, ya'll know me to be fair & usually a good "loser" at shows. I don't like being dead-last, but in my dressage tests, I always try to score higher, learn something, and improve myself. I don't ride dressage to "beat the other riders", nor for the ribbons. I ride dressage for the score sheets and the comments, always trying to get better. That being said, I have a HUGE pet peeve in the show pen.

Veteran ribbon thieves. You know who I mean, too. Those professional walk-trotters, and "novice green riders" who are terminally stuck in these classes just for the ribbons, trophies, saddles, and buckles. They're the ones that always have an excuse why their rider, or their horse, just HAVE to stay in that level, ruining it for all us greenie riders who are learning and trying to improve. Honestly, how many times have you attended a show and come home empty handed because "so&so" was in the same classes as you, in the open local show, and you both know next week he/she will be in the World Show Top Ten? It burns my bottom!

So, when I saw Fugly's post, I got brave. I found Miss Sarah's website, and I sent her this...

You know they're babbling about you on Fugly.. Just turn in the ribbons and it'll all go away..
*signed, a novice rider who hates cheaters that steal ribbons from beginners, even in the little open shows*

And Sarah was brave enough to respond. Here's what I learned...
  • They got permission from the Show Manager, AND the judge, to be in the class Fugly watched.
  • They didn't take any ribbons for the class, but in fact, left them at the gate.
  • The Show Manager suggested Sarah file a lawsuit for all the harassment.
  • Many Fugly-freak followers have been harassing Sarah from her website, but most without leaving valid contact information.
  • They admit they were there to school, and wish they'd done it differently.
  • Sarah apologized in nearly every email she sent me (all 4 of them).
  • Sarah wants to apologize via email or phone to ANYONE she upset or offended.

So.... I won't waste the Fugly space with another comment about this issue. For anybody that followed it, and is still upset or bothered, leave Sarah a comment on her website, with VALID contact information.

Now, who wants to email Horse&Rider and tell them about their new columnist stirring up false information about another trainer? I'm a little busy at work today, so I'm looking for volunteers!


Grey Horse Matters said...

I'm with you I wish she would have never gotten a job with Horse and Rider. It only validates her nonsense and gives her license to continue harassing people. And inciting her 'gang' mentality to get others.

As for this whole Sarah thing I don't read F. ever so I have no idea what's going on.

Yankecwgrl said...

Grey Horse,

I believe her craziness can be read in Horse Illustrated, not Horse & Rider.

Mrs Mom said...

Yep- thats HORSE ILLUSTRATED. And they suck. I'll try to zap them a mail this week and let them know, and also cancel our subscription at the same time ;)

Jennifer said...

Thanks Ladies.. I'd change it in the entry, but then I'd get accused of changing the rest of it, too..
Sorry H&R....
And HI, you suck!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Sorry about that,I thought it was Horse Illustrated but then I saw Horse and Rider in your post and figured I was wrong. I don't read either one of these mags so I wasn't sure. The only mag I think is worth it's salt is Equus.

Yankecwgrl said...

I'm sick of Fugly too!
Here is my post


E said...

Are you guys serious? How come you can't see how wrong this is? I understand not necessarily agreeing with Fugly's stance on larger, more controversial issues, such as slaughter for example, but basic sportsmanship? Really??

Do you not see how this impacts the future of this sport we all love so much? Some child struggling through their first walk-trot classes should not have to compete against someone like Kim on a horse like that-- EVER. She's shown enough that she should know the procedure behind schooling, TURN YOUR NUMBER UPSIDE DOWN. Giving up the ribbon isn't good enough when she shouldn't have been there in the first place. She shouldn't have been placed at all-- give the chance at a blue to that small child. Otherwise, that small child will become discouraged, and poof-- there goes one more potential rider, out of it because of politics.

It's just ridiculous. Whether or not you like Fugly isn't the point. The point is, this girl and her trainer did the wrong thing, and need to own up to it.

Sugardaddy said...

Ditto - you don't have to be a Fugly follower to see who's really in the wrong.

Not accepting a ribbon does NOT = riding in the class HC. If little kids at their first show can remember to flip their number (because their horse doesn't qualify for that class, but the rider needs the experience), then surely a rider and trainer with their level of experience can think to do it!!

Jennifer said...

Okay, then answer me this... How do you "make it right"? Sarah has apologized, and has OFFERED to apologize to anyone mature enough to come to her about it. Why else would she have spent her time talking to little South Texas me? Seriously... I don't own an Appy, I don't live in that area, I wasn't at the show...

I'm peeved for this --- If Fugly is as big-shot as she says,,, CONFRONT her THAT DAY at the show. Not a few days later sneaking around a blog.. my goodness. How much effort is it to walk up to Sarah or Kim, and say "Hey, you sure you belonged in there winning ribbons? That's some special horse you've got there."

Even I had the courage to go to Sarah, and I don't live anywhere near them.

Yankecwgrl said...

E and Sugardaddy.

I agree with Jennifer. How in the world was being Snarky and Ranting on her blog the right thing to do?

Point it out to show manager, or rider/trainer right then and there. That was the RIGHT thing to do. Not run off on a rant with out the right story!

Was it a mix up? Sure, did trainer/rider to wrong? SURE. BUT blogging about it before finding out all the details was WRONG! I mean, come on....if the show staff is telling Sarah she should file charges against FUGLY for her rant.....that should speak VOLUMES right there!!!

PEOPLE are HUMAN and make mistakes. If there were indeed as many people at the show as Fugly states the staff have no way to 'police' everyone. SPEAK UP if you see something wrong....that's the only way the SPORT will ever be helped.

Yankecwgrl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
E said...

You know why she chose to blog about it? Because she can help and influence more people that way. I COULD feel bad for Kim and Sarah for being singled out (because the point of Fugly's post is that it happens ALL THE TIME, they just happened to be the ones doing it THIS time) but the truth is, if they'd made the right choice, they wouldn't be in this position.

Hopefully this will make someone else think twice about doing the same thing... just like any of Fugly's other posts about things like neglect, unnecessary breeding, or dumping your horse at auction.

If Sarah and/or Kim are sorry or want to explain themselves (and don't insult us by saying it was a "mix-up"-- it was the WRONG CHOICE, period) they know how to reach Fugly and do it like big girls. No matter what you think of her, Fugly has ALWAYS been good about presenting the other side of the story, when it's valid. Even an apology would be passed on to her readers. But instead of being proactive, it seems that Kim and Sarah choose to whine to those who come to THEM... oh well, that's their choice.

I re-read your post and honestly, I still can't figure out your justification for being on their side anyway, other than the vehement anti-Fugly sentiment...

Jennifer said...

I can post whatever I want, whenever I want, provided it doesn't break blogger rules. So right here & now, you can stop saying "I don't know why you are posting what you are." That's what's neat about MY country, and so far, Freedom of Speech hasn't been taken away from me.

Cathy has the same right to blog if she chooses - the RIGHT thing to do IMHO was to point it out THAT DAY at the show. Then the whole misunderstanding would've been cleared up right then & there.

This isn't the first time she's blown a story by not getting all of the facts. If you're unaware, I'm sure a few of my followers will fill you in.

If you personally want an apology from Sarah, visit her website, fill in the contact us form, and you'll get one. Otherwise, I'm sure Cathy has found something or someone else to rant about by now that you can attack.

Peace Out!
Now, let's go ride a horse, huh?

E said...

I never questioned your right to post whatever you wanted... I question your slavish insistence that Fugly is "wrong" and this Sarah is "right", with no supporting reasoning behind it. It makes you look just as bad as those people you are obviously so disdainful of-- those who follow Fugly (or anyone!) without thought, taking any story as truth without knowing all the facts.

To me, it seems a simple thing. Competing in a Novice horse walk-trot class in a local show, on a horse that has at the World level, is ridiculous, period. Don't care WHY it happened, don't care if Sarah is willing to apologize... it's poor sportsmanship. Yet you refuse to accept that, and keep going back to this detail or that detail (Fugly should have said something right then and there, Sarah's willing to apologize, the Judge said it was okay...) I don't care. It was WRONG. Black and white.

I don't need an apology from Sarah, I really don't care. I see the bottom line-- that Fugly, and others like her, are trying to make the horse world a better place. I don't always agree with her myself (for example, I am-- GASP-- NOT anti-slaughter) but I find her posts thought-provoking, and that's what we all need-- to think more. That's what I'm asking of YOU, to think about WHY you are so stuck on insisting this situation is just "misunderstood", instead of being just basically wrong.

Enjoy riding :) I will... it's a gorgeous day here today.

Jennifer said...

I never said Sarah was "RIGHT" - read again, because I won't repeat it. I think being judged in the class was wrong. I think her student being in the ring was FINE with permission. Cathy is WRONG to blog about it without confronting it. It's sneaky, underhanded, and immature. Name calling is easy, while confrontation sucks. She's RIGHT to point it out. It would have been BETTER to deal with it that moment in the ring.

You feel better now? And go on, it's killing you NOT to have the last word. So go on and do it.

Personally, I have a horse show to prepare for, and some ribbons to go steal.