Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stay Safe my Fellow Equestrians

My goodness it's been a bad few weeks in the professional equestrian community. I don't know if everyone else follows the different events, but here's a brief summary.

Courtney King Dye had a fall in the dressage arena
Rebecca Howard had a rotational fall at Pine Hill, as did Jan Byyny and Rebecca Lee
Reading the article, above, I saw Karen O'Connor also had a spill.

It's a dangerous sport, no doubt. Even the dressage riders aren't exempt from injury.

I won't rant on about helmet use. I'm as guilty as the next girl, most of the time I do, sometimes I take it off for parts of the ride, some days I forget when I hop on Romeo, and regret it later.

But please remember to be careful, but not scared. Ride with courage and caution. But keep on riding...

Prayers being sent up for all of these riders as they recover physically, and emotionally from their accidents.


jacksonsgrrl said...

Maybe we all should invest in those magnetic shoes and irons!!!! For sure that will solve ALL of every equestrians problems and turn us all into Olympians! ROFL!
Perhaps the duct taping into the saddle???

Jennifer said...

Stupid cheating techniques! :)

I'm against magnetic stirrups, and "saddle hold me ins".

I'm for helmets.
I'm not a helmet nazi, but I still support their use.

Stephanie said...

hmmm... duck tape to the saddle.. or maybe velcro pants :)

On a serious note, it is very sad to hear about head injuries from horse accidents with no helmets. I have tried so hard to be lead by example and always wear mine. Was not always the case... but the past couple of years it just seemes silly to take a chance.

Prayers to them all!

Jennifer said...

RE: Sticking in the tack ...
That's partly why Courtney got hurt so bad.. She stayed with the horse, clear to the ground...

Sometimes, the fine art of "jumping off to get away" is worth the lessons.