Monday, March 8, 2010

3/08/10 Question of Last Week

My turn to chime in.

What do I consider to be a "Rich family"? How much money does someone have to earn annually before I think they're "rich"? I bet I get some disagreeing for picking the value, but here goes.

$500,000 annual
Why? Because at that income, I can guess most of the commonplace bills us low-folks worry about, like gas, electric, and water, just aren't a problem for them. They may have debt, but so do I. Furthermore, anything just under this salary, they're facing the beginning of the big tax monsters, and don't get near the take-home pay ya'll might think.

That being said, do I agree with bigger fines & "insurance" and/or bill payments for bad kids to be inflicted only on "rich" families? NO! What about the low-income families? They get a "free card" for little JohnnyJuvenile to rob a convenience store or rape a neighbor girl? NO! Being rich or being poor doesn't automatically exempt or justify being a bad parent.

Also, the "forcing education classes before you give birth".. What about the unplanned babies? Yeah, I know where babies come from, so spare me the lesson. Honestly, what about the "oops the pill didn't work" baby? What about the "we were planning to have a baby in another year, but we're pregnant now"? Are you going to force abortions until they take the classes? That isn't your decision - it's the mom-to-be who gets to choose. Some parents don't "Plan to have a baby", but it happens, and they choose to continue with the child, no matter what. Who's paying for these classes, anyways? I sure won't be.

It's a huge issue.. and I recognize that. But I think tacking income-dependant punishments on delinquent children doesn't solve the problem. Community groups, non-profits, and churches, need to step their rear ends up and start to help out.

It was my facebook Thought one day last week.

Don't tell me how to be. Show me.

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