Tuesday, March 23, 2010

3/22/10 True Hunters

Ransom was up & nearly dressed when I got home from work. Thank you, R!

I got my clothes changed, polo legs wrapped, and to the arena we go! Warmed him up on a free lunge a little bit, but it took quite a bit of pushing to keep him moving. He's been working pretty steadily for the last two weeks, so I kept that short.

Hopped aboard, and had some FUN! I let him move out out OUT in the trot. Big and forward, just accepting contact. A nice full working trot. His ears were flat out all over the place, and I felt springie bouncy in his strides. The canter was AWESOME! I rode it sitting just a bit, then reached up into two point. I loosened the reins, and whooped & hollered a bit. Wheee! Here he goes! Come on Ransom, stretch out those legs! You're a big horse, get there! His stride was humongous, and felt incredible. That's how he's supposed to feel, and it felt good!

With two cross rails set up, I rode both "facing towards home." Enter at trot, JUMP, depart at canter. Wheeeee! Awesome still. He wasn't over-jumping, and reached out a bit early a few times. I was settled into a full release quite a ways before the fence, just kind of letting him pick his spot in front of the fence. Heading out left over the fence, I started counting strides. With the crossrail set up about half way down the arena, there were six full strides before we had to turn down the short side. That ought to be more than enough for now.

I'm working up the courage to try a canter-to. I don't know when it'll happen. Most of my amazing, "Hey let's try this" stuff has happened lately when I'm alone, and nobody's watching. I have a feeling it's coming very soon. I think I know what my hang-up is about it - I'm concerned he'll take off really early, and I won't be ready. I'm worried I'll whack him in the mouth, and he'll really get ticked off, land, and toss a fit. (Something he's NEVER done)

Speaking of mouths.. I rode the show in the twisted wire O ring. Last night, I got the French Link O ring back out. Happy mouthed pony! Green cookie spit all over. R commented "When you got him going, the spit was dripping out of his mouth after just a little while." Neat O! Happy Pony Ransom!

Tonight, we dressage! Next show in the calendar in my mind is Sienna April 10 & 11. Two day dressage show. Day 1, the 10th, is a judge I rode for last year, that had plenty of compliments for us as a pair. I'd love to see some improved scores from her.

And that reminds me.. Sienna also has Prix Caprilli tests... jumping in dressage... hmm.. Must peek at test patterns... hmmmmm.....

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