Wednesday, March 24, 2010

3/23/10 Dressaaaage

The next show I'm thinking about is in April at Sienna. Probably only training level, unless I can get these pesky Prix Caprilli tests figured out. I'm finding them a little confusing, and can't find two links that say the same things for the tests.

Ransom and I danced for about 45 minutes yesterday. We focused primarily on trot to canter transitions. To start this, I did halts to walk collected, then walks to trot collected. Trots to canter weren't perfect yet, but canters back to trot were nice. All the down transitions were quite pretty. Well, the scheduled ones, at least. He broke gait a few times, but I suspect it's a little tired, a little lazy, and a little "hey look at the cows, Mom!"

Speaking of cows, I learned yesterday the distraction to cow-panic is busy feet. He took a long hard look at them heading our way last night, and I pushed him away from them, towards the other side of the arena, and picked up a trot. Anytime I had his attention, I left him alone, quiet reins, quiet legs. If he got all wiggly eyed at the trot, I'd tap inside rein, inside leg, and push him forward. Distractions, distractions.. the darn cows.. :)

We had a good time. No jumps, no cavalettis, just flat work on the rail and in 20m circles. I didn't even ask for a lead change. One time, canter-right, we got to the spot I did many lead changes in last week. I saw the cows up to the far left of us, I looked at them, and Ransom made a quick break to trot and tried to change leads. He saw where I was seeing, and was trying to change direction for me. :) Good boy, and cute that he caught what I was doing rather than what I was intending.

Tonight, we rest. Perhaps tomorrow, too, in some effort to get his energy back up a little. I'm anxious to get the fear monsters out and canter-to a fence. I just need to get it over with & do it. What's Momma keep telling us? Shut Up And Ride!


Yankecwgrl said...

YAY about the cow 'feet'. I told you that would work! It just takes a while to get in the habbit of doing it!
Put his butt to work, no spooking at cows! Good for you!!

I've sent out some emails on the prix caprelli replies, YET!

Jennifer said...

Stoopid cows!

Yeah, we needs to find PC tests. I sent a request on Sienna's Facebook, but have not gotten a reply. I can email them, too.