Monday, March 1, 2010

Sunday Lesson

I won't get to the text of the ride today, I don't think. I know that a few folks are patiently waiting out there for some jump video. I've got two snippets to share..

Let me disclaimer - I'm new to this! I'm learning! See? Helmet! Polo wrapped legs, all four. Half-chaps, suitable breeches, eyes UP! Am I perfect? No! But! Before you steal these video clips, and use them in a teasing manner.. I issue this challenge - Send me a video of YOU on a horse YOU OWN, currently riding, doing it better than me. Show me what "RIGHT" looks like.

2/28/10 Lesson with Jen, her DH watching, and my R shooting the video.
Quiet, Please! (A little HM humor)
Poles at the Canter

Trotting to, Canter from, Cross rail


SunnySD said...

It's been so long since I jumped (and beginner at that), so I don't have anything constructive to offer, but I enjoyed seeing you guys in action! :)

Jennifer said...

Thanks Sunny!

Jessie said...

I don't know the first thing about jumping, so it looked good to me. It's hard enough for my horses to walk over ground poles without hitting them, let alone canter.. I should really work on that, huh. :-) Enjoying your progress!

Jennifer said...

Jessie - I think it's easier for them to be lazy at the walk than at the trot, and then additionally difficult at the canter.

I might get corrected & learn something here, but I think ...
Set up poles at the trot distance, about 4ft apart... Even if you don't want to jump, it'll teach impulsion and carefulness.
=) But above all, have fun!