Wednesday, March 17, 2010

03/15/10 And So What We Have Learned Applies to Our Lives Today...

If you have ever seen or listened to anything Veggie Tales, read that subject heading again...And God has a Lot to Say In His Book (bamboo bamboo bamboo).. etc.. If you get songs stuck in your head like I do.. Haa Haa! Enjoy humming that in your ears all day!!!

Poor Ransom, I knew it was day 5, but rain was predicted for Tuesday, and not knowing how wet it'd get, I wanted to reinforce Sunday's lesson, make sure he learned it, and make sure I knew how to force the issue.

We rode together for about 45 minutes. His trot to canter transitions were atrocious, and need working again. I tried a couple walk to canters, and those were quite pretty and relaxed. Funny horse...

Trot cavaletti only twice each way, and not one after the other, but spread out through the ride. Any time I felt him get lazy and toe-dragging, I went through the cavaletti to "wake up his brain." I found the trot would get really pretty a while, then lazy back again.. and back to the cavaletti we went.

Ran through the canter poles three times each way, again. Once heading left, to start, he broke to trot... I forced a canter in the middle of them, refusing to let him think lazy was the answer. All the other canter pole sets we did, all stayed in canter, and they were quite nice. Not perfect, as it still feels like he rips away from them all-out... That might be a side-effect of my pushing him with my hips through the poles. I'm trying to keep him in the canter through all three poles, and if I have to slow him after, well, for now that's okay.

So, we're getting better. The lesson was effective, for both of us. I felt a little more open, and had enough courage to push through the canter poles. Bigger and better, I was able to relax enough before the canter poles to say to myself, "heels down, shoulders open, breathe!" It's progress!!

And so we know that God's word is for everyone
And now that our song is done
We'll take a look!
Have a great day everybody!!!

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