Thursday, April 29, 2010

04/29/10 Stiff Monster

Grabbed Ransom after work, after his one day vacation, and planned some dressage basics.

He was having a stiff/sore day. Generally a cantankerous old fart for the entire ride. He was fighting the bit, arguing about forward, leaning out on every circle.

I slowed him down to a nice forward walk, got some really sweet bends and decent work On the bit (not forcing solid collection), progressed up to trot, got more of the same. I got a little canter without head tossing & general anger, and called him “done”.

Given his age and his wisdom, I usually forgive crabby days. He has them so seldom, I just can’t bring myself to argue with him to a great degree on those days.

Total work, 40 minutes.

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