Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sunday Dressage, and Changed Plans

Sunday, 4/18, I really needed reminding that, while I'm not doing "great" at a lot of things lately, I can work out a great ride on Ransom.

And he supplied just that. The arena fence wasn't 100% done, so we stayed away from cavaletti work, and I knew I needed to give the arena dirt a little more settling time.

We worked for about 45 minutes, with a brief warmup on the lunge line. He was great. In some of the softer arena spots he was a little fussy about collection, but still, we stayed to the rail for most of the ride, and he was a champ.

Monday, I scrambled home from work, really excited to get back in the saddle. I first thought I'd lunge Ransom, and ride Romeo. Then I switched them, then I switched it back. Oh phooey with it! I'll grab Ransom, lunge him in his dressage saddle, if he's listening... Nah.. I'll saddle him, walk him in hand back to the arena, tighten the girth, and go ride whatever he gives me. :)

As I was brushing him, I remembered the arena footing isn't 100% perfect yet. Not wanting to overdo Ransom's legs, I ran my hands down every leg.
Left front, check
Left rear, check
Right rear, check
Right front, CRAP

There was a bump on his cannon bone - just about in the middle. It was a swollen bump, a tiny bit warm. Off to the hose we go.
I cold hosed, poulticed & wrapped both front legs. I locked up the paddock, and turned him loose there. No pasture for Ransom until his leg heals.

Worse? Can't ride Romeo, either. See, Ransom gets REALLY agitated for the first 10-15 minutes of Romeo ride in the arena, and it's worse if he's locked up back at the barn while LittleBrother gets to "play".

No rides Monday, and none Tuesday. I cold hosed , re poultice, and rewrapped front legs again on Ransom. The bruise looked much smaller last night, so he ought to be A-O-K tonight. I will unwrap, hose the poultice off, polo wrap all four legs, and take him out for a quick lunge check tonight before choir.

It's only the second "medical time out" for Ransom - which isn't so bad. First was for runny nose right a few months after he came to my house, and now this one, only a couple days in length. That's pretty good, and I pray for his speedie recovery.


Yankecwgrl said...

It took 2 days and that's all I get? Sheesh! :)

Jennifer said...


Let me look, I've got pictures somewhere. We'll see if they're worth uploading.