Friday, April 16, 2010

Henrietta, The Rubber Squaking Chicken

I bought the dogs a squawky chicken at the store today. I've been eyeing this goofy thing for weeks now. It doesn't squeak, it clucks and squawks. And it's not electronic, it's in the squeak-ielike thing. It's hysterical. At least R, and I, and half the store that heard us squawking it today thought so.

We get to my house, take the tags off, hand it to the girls, and they're almost afraid of it. Much work to be done to acclimate them to the chicken. I buried it in the dog food storage container, hoping to change their minds.

Then, R grabs the tag, and says, "Hey, babe. Did you read this?"
"Um, no, dear, I've been playing with the girls."
"Then listen to this!"

Henrietta's Tale
Raised on a quaint little chicken farm in America's Heartland, Henrietta showed a flair for performing at an early age.
As an adult, she moved to Las Vegas with dreams of fame and fortune. She quickly took the town by storm and was cast as a genuine Vegas Showgirl. During her twenty year career she danced in numerous shows and even headlined in the now infamous burlesque show, "Wild Chicken."
Now retired, Henrietta lives a quiet life, far from the Vegas footlights, in a swanky trailer park near Fort Lauderdale.

Folks, I can't make UP stuff that funny!
Check out their website - That's Henrietta in the opener.


Rising Rainbow said...

Too funny!

Yankecwgrl said...

Which Henrietta do you have???

Jennifer said...

Sweetie , she's the first one, in the video opener of their website. The one that balloon doggie picks up & tosses.

Yankecwgrl said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh, you have the bikini wearing Henrietta! FUNNY!