Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Here We Go Again

This look familiar to anyone else? Read the comments if you've the patience for it.

"Concerned" asks - Please everyone leave the owner alone and shut up! We can't get her to surrender the horses if you keep harassing her!

=) I have a memory... Didn't we all learn our lesson before?

And yes, it's fun to rag on her,, if you're a fugly fan, good for you. I'm not. The best intentions fail multiple times, and the whole story never seems to make the press. The neat-ness about free speech? I'm allowed to express my displeasure. And check it out! I can do it without cursing and being obscene!! Neat, HUH?


Anonymous said...

This is in my general area, so I've been following the story. Though it has been public, when Fugly gets ahold of it- it is indeed something else entirely. The key, and perhaps best tool, the people who are helping have in these situations is sensitivity and a gained trust/rapport. Whether anyone likes that fact or not, should make no difference if their goal is the same.

Jennifer said...

Can I have this again, in English, please?

Seriously, this makes absolutely no sense to me. "The peopel who are helping have in these situations is sensitivity..." You what?


Anonymous said...

All right, perhaps it was a runon sentence. The pauses should be here...
The key (and perhaps best tool) that these people (who are helping) have in these situations- (pause) is sensitivity and a gained trust and rapport. Translation- be it escue workers or animal control, they use their "people skills" to get the most out of the situation. Even if they don't want to be nice. Hope that cleared it up?

Jennifer said...

Cleared it up, yes.

My point was - previously, Fuglyfollowers went ape goofy on a bad horse owner - Another blogger was trying to privately buy the horses from the bad owner. BO got called, harassed, threatened by Fuglyfollowers, and when the other blogger arrived at her home, BO went ballistic, "afraid it was more of those Fugly freaks going to steal her horses from her." BO refused to give them up.

Sometimes, the best intentions,, need to be metered with a little tact & care.