Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Who are The 15?

After yesterday's post about the vote being up in the House to suspend their automatic pay raise for 2010, I did some digging...

The Senate voted this earlier this year, actually initiated by Feingold (D). Sweet.. I thanked Senator John Cornyn (R) for his part in this.

Then, this morning, I read above where the House voted in the same manner. Way to go Ron Paul (R) for your part in it!

But, 15 House Representatives think they still deserve a raise. I need to drink more coffee and eat some breakfast first here, but I will find out who did it, and I will out their names right here. If you unfortunately live in a state that has a representative that voted AGAINST the raise suspension, thereby saying "They think they deserve the $1400 a year raise" (Or was it $1600, anyways...), I feel bad for you. Get after your Representatives, and tell them how you feel.

And if you think they deserve a pay raise for all their hard work, then I hope you're gainfully employed with all the perks they're enjoying. I'm employed, but I don't know what I'd do with all the perks, bells, and whistles..
Wait, yes I do. I'd own a HUGE horse farm, hire an awesome trainer, and ride my tailfeathers off every day. Or do I already do that last part?

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