Monday, April 12, 2010

Quick Recap

I owe a HUGE blog about my Friday, but I got to go to BRM & ride a jump lesson with Barbara. It started as a jump lesson, and ended as a two-point lesson. Mostly, I need to get back in my arena at home, and ride hunt saddle, two point, no reins, hands out like an airplane. Until I find my balance point at trot & canter, I oughta stay on the ground. I think.. Got to learn to ride without resting hands on Ransom's neck.

But, my arena?! Where'd it go? It's a huge mixed up mass of sandy dirt right now. What happened? I had a few workers at the place Saturday. Arena fence came down, and I now have a huge hole (that may be a pond some day, if not, it's good drainage), and a much larger arena area disced & dragged. It's going to end up being about 30M by about 60M, plus or minus a bit. So, about 100Ft by 200Ft. There's fencing left to stuff in the ground, but I got to ride Romeo in it yesterday a little while, and it was really nice. It's a little soft, but even. No big holes, no obviously low spots.

Predicting a little rain (hopeful) to settle the dust, and let me see where the lows will be. I'm super anxious to get the fence up & get back on Ransom in it. Won't be any size limitations on setting up fences to jump now!

So anyways, I'm here... I did have an awesome lesson Friday, but I wish I could ride again hunt seat to absorb some of what Barb said. More on that later.

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