Thursday, April 22, 2010

Big Ben Gets Punished

Compare for me the punishment other NFL players have recieved for other offenses in this article..

Now, tell me something - Michael Vick got, um, two games conditional suspension (which is NFL-speak for babysitting but playing), and he's back on the field. A few other players with known drug addictions and arrests are still playing, actively.

Two facts as I understand them from things I know being a Steelers fan, and from reading the original Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article...
  • Ben is single - he is going to date and look to meet girls, whether the NFL likes it or not.
  • The girls met him and his posse at one bar - Ben invited them to the second location, to his private planned party, and they accepted. They chose to attend the second bar with him.
As women, we can be victims of ugly horrendous crimes. I understand that. However, we can also allow ourselves to become victims when we put ourselves in compromising situations. If you don't want to risk having something bad happen while yo'ure drunk, then don't go to bars, don't drink heavily. If these girls chased him down because they wanted to be seen with a celebrity athlete, then they already knew who Ben is/was, and they would already know he's got a pending case with another lady-friend who claims rape. Don't put yourself in that situation! With an unknown guy, Okay - You might not know he's been accused of something the first night you meet him at a bar. But Ben? If those girls knew who he was, then they probably knew what he was already "in trouble" for.

Six game suspension. While a game or two might've proved their point, I'm entirely confused why they allow other players with more serious convictions (not just allegations - convictions & jail time) to stay on the field.

What say you? Am I being unreasonable, and trying to cover for a criminal? Is the NFL sending a good message by administering a hefty punishment? Or should there be a little blame passed all around? Did those girls set themselves up by agreeing to hop to a second bar & drink under-age? Should they have seen this coming with his previous accusation?


Yankecwgrl said...

Ohhhh girl I'm right there with ya!

Ben is being used to 'make a point'. Instead of the usual 'racial' issues going toward the African American or Asian or other 'minority' Ben is getting the 'brunt' of a punishment to prove that 'just because he's white doesn't mean we are going to go easy on him'. Quite the opposite in the article says this is a much harsher punishment than others who have been convicted of crime, not just alleged, have received.

From the article "Mr. Roethlisberger's six-game suspension is among the harshest sentences Mr. Goodell has administered -- only four players have missed more than four games because of a personal-conduct suspension."
"Mr. Sutton said the policy is impacting player conduct and added it sends a message to fans that the NFL does not accept criminal or obscene behavior."
ummm Mr. Sutton, you can save that song and dance for someone else because you have MANY convicted Criminals in the NFL......including MR. Vick.
Animals are a 'hot button' issue with me. They can NOT speak up for themselves. "Young ladies who put themselves in inappropriate situations CAN speak up for themselves".
I am a long time PHILLADELPHIA EAGLES FAN....but I will NOT support a team with Michael Vick on it.
Had BEN done the same thing, I'd feel the same way.

Ladies, when you PUT yourself in that type of situation you leave yourself OPEN for 'bad things' to happen. Like HunterinTraining said "If you don't want to risk having something bad happen while you're drunk, then don't go to bars, don't drink heavily."
We were all given a BRAIN.......USE IT PEOPLE!

Jennifer said...

Wow, maybe I haven't found so many football fans on my blog after all.

=) Just a buncha horse nuts & a few politicians.

Yankecwgrl said...

I too expected much more 'talk' about this!