Friday, April 30, 2010

4/30/10 Ending April Better

I guess Ransom knew his “get outta trouble free card” had been used up. We rode together for about 45 minutes. Warm up was a solid ten plus, walking, bending, circles, loose rein trot, canter circles loose. He settled into long & low without me asking, so I took it as a sign he was ready to go.

We rode TL #2 as a reminder, and I found him generally really cooperative. The transitions out of trot weren’t fantastic, but better than they’d been.

Canters were pretty, pretty. Walks to free walk was nice, without him rooting the reins out of my hand – an improvement.

I spent the rest of Friday packing, loading, packing, and reanalyzing everything I’d packed. Saturday brings us a new month, and a dressage lesson at Barbara’s.

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