Friday, April 16, 2010

Quick Recap and Some Thoughts

I've had a few dressage rides on Ransom, and a handful of Western romps on Romeo.

And my arena got larger - MUCH larger. It's something like 187' long, and about 80-85' wide. It's incredible. I don't have all the rail fence up yet, but that's coming soon.

Thus, the flat rides. I'm not confident enough to jump without a fence. Just not. Besides that, I need more hours on the flat, airplane arms and the like, to find my new balance.

Then one day last week, I grabbed Ransom, western saddle, and down the roads we went. I spent about a half hour in the tack, at the walk, rumbling down the road, both directions, and in the pasture a while.

And I thought, and reflected. I need more rides where I'm not concentrating on something new all the time. I'm not striving to be the next best rider on the circuit. I'm not busting tail to the best biggest blue ribbons out there. I want to have fun! And all the concentrating, well, just ain't fun.

So here's the plan...
*More dressage! More Training Level, flat concentrated dressage. Find some schooling shows, and get them on my calendar, committed to them, with intents on seeing higher scores than last year.

*At least ONCE every two weeks, I WILL just walk around the pasture, up & down the road. I'll aim to go farther down the road towards the mailboxes every time, but I will NOT concentrate on my equitation, I will goof off, 100% totally.

*No more than two rides a week hunter. I will still concentrate on it, but not so much, and not so intensely. Yes, I got a wider arena for fences & cavalettis without fear of running into the rail.

*Once a month minimum lesson at BRM. To work on position, and technical details, but not weekly, and maybe not even every other week. Again, I want to get better, but I'm not in a super hurry to do it.

To this end, I'm scheduling May 15th to attend a trail ride with Romeo that I was invited to. More details on that as I know them. It's not super far from home, and I was invited by another attendee at the HorseMaster taping. Cheap, easy fun, with a horse that's good at those trail and large group events. Awesome deal!

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Stephanie said...

that sounds like an awesome plan! After all... it shouldn't always be about the work :)