Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm Back!

Thank you Thank you Thank you to everyone who posted, sent emails, called on me, checked, and repeated the process! Last week sucked, plain & simple. Beautiful weather, fabulous horses standing around, and I couldn't move in & out of bed without pain. I couldn't feed my own horses there for a few days, not to mention play with the dogs. I'm healing up, thanks to an awesome chiropractor who got me mostly fixed. I may make another appointment with Dr.M., but for now, I'm back in action! Thank you again!

I'm here.. I'm here.. I've not had any miraculous rides to blog about since the back injury. I'm healing slowly, and trying seriously hard to take it easy in the tack. You guys all know just how bad I'm dying to set up the 8" cavaletti rails & try them again at canter. It's driving me silly to see all that out there..

Saturday Ransom and I did a little serious dressage work. About 35 minutes. Lots of walk & canter. Not so much trot. When he was collected & round, the trot was easy on my back. When he'd hollow & stretch out yuckie, it hurt. The bouncing, even at a posting trot, is just a little too much still. So I kept it to what I was good at, and what we could do well. Rode TL #1 to finish up the ride. It wasn't phenominal, but he remembers.

Tonight, I'm going to give it another go. Will I get out the hunt seat tonight? Probably not. This week sometime? Yeah.. I'll ride through the discomfort. I just h-a-t-e staying on the ground, repeating all the same old stuff.. Time to learn something new dressage, I think..


Kate said...

Hope you feel much better soon!

jacksonsgrrl said...

Ugh! HOW SUPER FRUSTRATING! But work on what you can, and try to keep the conditioning up! Even if you are in major pain you could always do lunge work! Not like I telling you something you don't know, ha ha! Hope you are trotting away and jumping again soon!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Kate! I'm improving daily...

Mindy -- I SOO bad wanted to even lunge him earlier last week. I couldn't even stand up straight for a few days, not to mention bend at the waist. Now we're back to riding, and I'm super thankful.