Monday, January 12, 2009

1/09/09 Romeo Ride

Saddled up Romeo English, happy that my 48" Professional's Choice girth has arrived.

We worked for about 40 minutes, a little pressed for time to get Ransom to the vet. A good ride, walk, trot, canter and a few hops over the crossrail at trot. He was a little sluggish into the canter, a sign I need to get the spurs back on and start using them.

In his cool down, I've started teaching the "long and low stretchie trot" that I did with Chewie. Applying steady outside rein pressure, I have pulsed gently on the inside rein. As soon as his head drops, even the slightest bit, release inside rein and reach forward scratching his neck with a cheerful "atta boy" reward. Repeat, repeat, head dropping lower every time. Once he starts to get the point, his back starts to stretch out, nice topline stretches I can feel through the saddle. We work on this at trot, both directions, until he's had four to five solid stretches down & long. This grew to be Chewie's favorite part of the ride, because I lighten my hands, lighten my seat, and ask him only to stretch, with no demands for a giant stride or pretty collection.

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