Monday, January 26, 2009

It's Not Cheating - He's a SchoolMaster

HAH! I remember reading a horse-funny somewhere about how one rider won't get upset at the other for taking first, being satisfied with second on her "horse she trained herself." I used to think, with Chewie, "Yeah right, dude. I'll take my 2nd or 3rd, or near last for that matter. It won't be cheating, riding a trained one and getting credit for someone else's work."

And then I got Ransom. Yeah, he's trained. Yeah, someone else did the work. But the amount that guy has taught me in the few lessons I've had, in our (all but one) dozens of rides, it's immeasurable.

So nope, now I don't think it's cheating. I'll do my teaching & boasting on Romeo. As for Ransom, I'm going to now say, "I might not have taught him, but he sure has taught me."

There is a huge benefit to inexperienced rider on experienced horse! Got a similar story? Share it! Reassure me it's not "cheating".


SunnySD said...

The thing with the really good schoolmasters is that they teach - it's not quite the same as sending a young horse to a trainer and then just hopping on and riding the result.

The good one teach YOU how to find the right buttons, and wow, is it a great feeling when you find the right combination and get Collection or HOoray!, "He's on the bit!" moments. So sure, getting on a horse that automatically just does it right in spite of you bouncing around up there is edging toward cheating, but it sounds as if Ransom is making you work for it. That's not cheating :)

Jennifer said...

=) "Sending young horse to trainer & riding the result." That annoys the SNOT out of me. :) That is certainly cheating.

I've had a handful of those HOORAY moments on Ransom. Enough of them that I keep thinking, "I got a really awesome horse."