Tuesday, January 20, 2009

1/16/09 Tune Ups & Jumps

Les saddled Romeo, I put my tack on Ransom. Romeo went to the arena for a ride, while Ransom and I stayed in the round pen a while. After a bit, Les rode over to me, and said, "We need to decrease his feed. He's sure hot enough to rope off of, but I know you don't want him like this. He needs a warm-up run across a turnrow, and I know that isn't a daily option..." They rode off, for a while longer, and concentrated on transitions in and out of canter.

Ransom and I worked w/t/c for about 20 minutes, then I went into the arena to watch Romeo. They seemed to get along pretty good, and the transitions looked pretty. Les and I switched saddles, and I took a turn on Romeo. Hot- only way I know to describe him. I got one ugly transition, and two pretty ones, and walked him out.

Les and Ransom were fun to watch, yet again. Walk, trot, canter, Ransom's canter-right was beautiful. Measuring Ransom's level of patience, again, I set up a PVC ground pole across the standards. Asked Les, "Hey, canter him up to it, look up & over, I'm curious what he'll do." Ransom focused solely on Les and his body language. I saw them in front of it the first time, Les' face said, "Oh Goodness.. Please don't", and Ransom tried to refuse around. They fumbled over it, ugly as ever. I told Les, "This time, loosen your reins two strides before until two strides after. Meanwhile, glance at it, then look up at the treetops out of the arena, after the post. Don't look at it long, or he's going to do that same thing again." They got up into a canter, and as Ransom approached the rail, he shortened his stride, and barely lifted himself off the ground over it. He sailed over the ground pole as if it were only a bump in the middle of a stride, not increasing stride length over it, simply floating overtop. Les exclaimed after the post, "He really jumped it! That was crazy!" *laugh*. "No", I responded, "He just lifted over it. That's not even close to a jump. If you really want him to jump, point him at that crossrail over there." Les said, "No way, cowgirl! I'll stick to roping! That's hard work!" "Yes, it is", I answered.

Yes, it is....

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