Friday, January 23, 2009

1/22/09 Romeo is Back

He's back in full swing. He's not out of shape, and didn't loose a bit of mental usefulness during his sickie haitus.

Whatta horse.. These are the days I think, "Man, what lucky dweeb am I?! The family I bought this horse from gave him away, for nearly nothing because he was a cribber, and they had no use for him." Suckers!!!

Saddled Romeo up Western, TT bit, and helmet, just in case he'd be up to his old nonsense. Headed for his pasture, so he'd have plenty of room to run, and at the same time, have to think about his feet. Didn't want him getting arena-lazies...

Walk, trot, canter, all great. His canter was slower than it's been, and while he didn't always want to stay in it, that might've been me (mighta had too much bit contact). He seemed awful eager to get back to the barn, so we trotted to the barn, then did 20 minutes of circles, figure8s, serpentines, all around the stall opening, all over the pasture, and anytime he'd try to get back to the barn, I'd let him, and he had to work harder, make tighter turns, and more direction changes the closer we got to his stall. Poor guy took almost 25 minutes to get the hint. =) I prevailed, and had another session where he taught me to persevere, and he learned not to argue with little-Me!

Total work nearly 45 minutes as the sun was setting on a beautiful sunny South Texas day. I'm glad he's doing better, and I'm glad he's calmed down.

English fences tomorrow!!

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