Monday, January 26, 2009

1/24/09 Both Boys Hard at Work

Ransom had the first of the day, since I wasn't sure what horse I'd have to work with. Romeo can handle days off without incident, and I was more concerned Ransom would be high on his game. I was determined to ride, and he wasn't getting out of it, either.

A true gentleman. As if Friday hadn't happened, Ransom had a nice easy warm up, accepted the side reins calmly, and breezed through a 20 minute warm-up session, giving to the bit & relaxing on my cues.

I hopped on, anxious to get a good solid ride in. And I did. Nearly a half hour's walk, trot, and canter, both directions. It was a blast. I am not still 100% balanced, coordinated, or pretty at the canter, but I'm really getting there. He broke gait at canter headed right, but I think it was more him protecting me, and less avoiding work.

We worked together for nearly an hour, and he was back to himself in the first few minutes. I can only guess the grain I'm feeding doesn't lend itself to long breaks from work...

Romeo was up next. Tacked up western, headed to the arena. A little walk, a tiny bit of trot, and I worked on his canter. We loped and loped and loped and loped. About 15 minutes of canter work only. He was soft, quiet, and relaxed. A bit happy, I would guess.

Walked it out on a loose rein up & down the dirt road. I saw happy horse ears, soft eyes looking around protecting me and him from "boogers", and easy stops at every request.

Good rides on Good horses.

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