Tuesday, January 6, 2009

1/4/09 More Rides

Romeo - English, TT bit. His canter was pretty darn awesome... Nice & easy enough that I was able to release the death grip on the saddle pommel. I grabbed on for the up transition, then lightly took a rein in each hand, and worked on bending elbows & upper body with the forward motion. Pretty neat! As we worked through the trot, I could feel him happy to be in a nice hunter trot, bending with me as I changed diagonals. We put hoofprints on nearly every inch of the arena, a pretty cool thing to do.

Rather abruptly, Romeo slowed to a halt, his head aiming south-west. I was a bit annoyed, and was just about ready to leg him up to the lope, growling, when I heard it... The cold front weathermen had been warning us of. The wind whistled through the trees behind us, and I turned to face it just as the temperatures started to drop.

At the start of the weather, it was in the 80s out. By the time I unsaddled, brushed the sweat marks out, gave him cookies, took him to his pasture, it was in the 60s. By dark, it was in the 40s. Texas winters... YUCK.

Later in the afternoon, an old friend came over, and watched a bit with me and Ransom. She suggested a Clinton Anderson style "extra knots on the nose" rope halter for leading pushy issues. I borrowed one to try it out, and it worked pretty darn good. Got his attention, for certain. She also suggested lungeline lessons to get us used to each other. Something I may take her up on - gives me a chance to get to know him with someone experienced holding the line end.

A good day overall, but transitioned from too-hot-for-winter, to good-grief cold and blustery wind in the evening. Warm blankets & cookies for all... Including me!

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SunnySD said...

I have one of those rope halters with a wrapped nose - something like the side pull one here - and I love it. I actually ride Sunny on the sidepull in the pasture. They really do seem to respect the rope halters a bit more. They do stretch a good bit when you first start to use them, though. And they don't break, so aren't good to trailer in.

Hope your weather warms up!