Friday, January 23, 2009

1/23/09 Romeo Hunter

Saddled English (after almost changing my mind & going for a walk down the road). Headed for the arena, again with a little hesitation.

Walk and trot warm-ups were great .... worked on a little "Coming and Going" at trot for the first 30 minutes. Then I set up one crossrail, and got after it at trot. With a little leg in front of the ground rail, he was truly jumping & not "trotting over" the rails. No rails down! I think we did 4 reps left, 4 reps right.. or was it 5. Don't remember.

Worked on a little canter. He gave me three pretty transitions in and out, and only the first walk to canter trans was ugly ugly. (It took a lotta lotta leg, which is better than a gentle squeeze & he's flying out from under me, ya know??)

Ransom this afternoon. I'm feasting on the splendor of Burger King lunch, watching the crowds. They've got free WiFi, folks... and I'm too impatient for this junk on dial up. =)

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