Monday, January 12, 2009

Those People that Wear Helmets

HAH! I've got a humor cartoon on my office door - Cowboy after OSHA.

A gentleman walked by my office door earlier today - a guy I'd never before seen or spoken to. He stopped to look at the cartoon, then made the remark, "Ain't that the truth? Not far from it either. Now-a-days people all over think they have to wear helmets & body vests to ride a horse."

I responded, "Yeah, but you're talking like that to someone that rides in an English saddle, and it's not exactly like the cowboys. I don't have much to hold on to in a wreck. Besides that, it's a show rule they be worn."

He gave me almost an annoyed look, as if I was retarded for supporting helmet use. So I went on. "I took a nosedive just this weekend. If I didn't have that helmet on, considering how I fell, I probably would've had at least a concussion."

He walked away, still with a look of disgust.

Those crazy people and their helmets.. Yup! That's me! I'd rather wear one and protect my mental assets (& college edu-ma-cation) than go splat without one and burn brain cells irrepairably.

People. Are. Stupid.

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buckpony said...

ha ha! I LOVE the cartoon, and I, too, am a helmet supporter (wasn't always, but am now). My head has been saved numerous times while wearing my "brain bucket." The last time I rode my green filly I got tossed and somehow my head hit the saddle rather hard. Thank goodness I was wearing my helmet because it could have been much worse than the stars I saw...I'm not that smart, but I believe smart people wear helmets.