Monday, January 5, 2009

12/30/08 Romeo Only

The arena was disced enough that, while I didn't have four sides of fence, I sort of had three. That was enough to at least show him the area, get him reaquainted with respecting the rail, and in the swing of work again.

Saddled up, and walked the pasture perimeter behind the treeline to get there. Ransom went bezerk, whinnying, hollering... apparently pretty ticked to be in the paddock & not out grazing.

Worked with Romeo w/t/c for only 30 minutes. The arena was uneven, and still deep in spots. Bad enough that I didn't need him getting an injury in the sand. He was agreeable, and though he had a serious issue picking up the right lead, we got through it.

Opened the paddock, let Ransom out, and the three of us went for another walk around the pasture. I wasn't entirely sure how it'd go - Last time I did that aboard Chewie, they both took off, and left me in the dirt. This trip was completely different, though. Ransom walked all around anywhere Romeo and I went, staying close beside, but not really getting in the way. No one spooked at anything, and Romeo stayed very "alpha horse", listening to me, but making sure Ransom knew he wasn't the horse under saddle.

Total work 45 minutes. We ended & untacked in nearly dark. Darn winter.... stealing my sunshine evenings.

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