Monday, January 5, 2009

12/31/08 We've Got Company!

Friend from work came to meet Ransom, watch some rides, and check up on Romeo's progress. I got to deliver some Christmas cheer where it was needed. We've both been pretty bummed about all the bad news at our employer. They've been announcing plant shutdowns, business closure, joint-ventures that weren't going to happen, announcing lay-offs, more hour reductions, it's just been bad. A really poo-ie situation to build up Christmas cheer. Friend's reaction has been to live "gloom & doom", refusing to participate in Christmas spirit. Mine, however, was to be grateful for what I've got, and find at least a little holiday happy in every situation. It's also been to find a small thoughtful gift for everyone around me, demonstrating that the giving means more than receiving. Well, it worked. Cheer was spread, and I was glowing myself just for giving.

Saddled Ransom english, and headed to the round pen. He was cooperative, but speedie. I wasn't entirely sure of the cause, but one of his front shoes was missing nails on the inside, and had slid a bit to the outside of his hoof. I could hear it clinking a bit. Anyway, we're all getting to know each other, and he put on his standard pretty-old-boy routing, with not a bit of ill spirit.

Romeo was himself. A saint, an angel, a little cowhorse just dying to show off to anybody that'll watch. The last time the friend saw me ride him, we only cantered a bit, and I still had a death grip on the saddle horn. This time, as I entered his pasture, I didn't even hesitate or warm up with a walk. We worked straight into the lope, and off we went. Romeo was great. He stopped on a dime (and on no rein contact, so I was told later), demo'd his rollbacks, and his awesome easy jog. Friend was more than impressed. Even jumped on for a bit, with me psuedo-leading Romeo, standing at his head walking around. He was, well, himself... no evil spirit intended, and incredibly cooperative as always.

Total rides were around 45 mins a piece. I gathered up a strong pair of pliers, and good will, and removed Ransom's loose shoe. He let out a licking & chewing sigh, perhaps to say "Thank You" for my choice to get it removed.

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