Monday, October 4, 2010

09/30/10 A Needed Distraction

Wednesday, no horses. Stress. Lots of stress. More stress than I have had outside of my 9hr work day, in, um, a few years. I was nervous, I was uncomfortable, wait.. who am I kidding.. I was scared spitless. Let's not color this as a calm moment filled with silly girl scares. I was scared, and for good reason. I didn't sleep well, and my nerves were still fried. Thursday evening, on the way home from work, I was scared, again. Even moreso, because my Wednesday evening plan couldn't be continued on Thursday after work, for various reasons.

So Thursday, when I got home, I decided to not work Ransom, or Harley. It was the perfect day to just goof off with Romeo. And that's exactly what we did. Harley was owed another day off, and while Ransom could have worked, my mind wasn't in "work", even on horseback. My mind needed to relax. And, well, test some new equipment, which I did successfully.

Anyway, back to the horses. I caught Mo, dressed him in all his Western gear, made a few changes to my things, and off we went. Straight to his pasture. Rode all three gaits, focused on rhythm and direction. I didn't force him to be collected, though in canter he couldn't have his head up in the sky. He did very well - well behaved, well relaxed, and still alert to all going around us. Why? A little more "up" than normal? Romeo could feel my tension, he could feel my heartrate, and he knew I wasn't happy or comfortable in my situation.

A solid 30 minutes, and I was done for. Wore out, had enough. Mo was a good babysitter, took my mind to other places, even for a short time. Exactly what I needed for the moment.

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