Wednesday, October 20, 2010

10-15-10 Harley Learns the Bit

The Satellite TV installer arrived, much much later than I originally figured he'd be there. No matter, I had nearly all the laundry done, house was clean, and the doggies were off at the dog-spaaaa for the day. Translated- canine groomer / babysitter.

Knowing the Satellite fellow would be romping up and down the ladder, in and out of the house, I figured this a great time to work with Harley - around monsters and boogers.

I haltered him, bitted him, and lunged him a little off the halter. When that was a non-event, I ran the lunge line through the bit, over his head, and clipped it offside. THAT got a little reaction of fear and curiosity.

I was able after a little tug and cluck to get him lunging off the bit, rather nicely. Both directions, and after twice, he realized it was easier on him, and me, if he dropped his head for the line change.

Total of about 20 minutes, without spooks or goobers. Satellite TV guy asked me, "So what do you do for a living? Do you just ride horses?" I laughed.. "No, sir. I'm a chemist." I mused to myself "riding horses for a living.. would it still be fun, or then would it be too much like work?"

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