Monday, October 4, 2010

10/1/10 Harley - Did He Remember?

Thursday, after work, I had found Harley's "scratch me love me" spot. Right under his tummy where the girth would rest. I scratched almost all over before I found it, and was cheerfully giddy when he stretched his head out, lip quivering.

When I finished up with Ransom Friday morning, it was Harley's turn. I walked right out there, and he walked up to me a good thirty feet before halting, facing me. He didn't walk away, but in fact nickered to me. "Come scratch me There, Lady!"

Friday, I approached with lead rope & halter. I caught him, haltered, and took him to the trailer. Added polo wraps - a successful first at my house. Not even a small problem. He was hesitant to pick up rear legs for cleaning hooves, but I finally got them.

I got us to the arena, and got my mind ready. Calm, relaxed, and focused.

I lunged, walk, trot, halt, and all was well. I got turns on the forehand, very nice, legs crossing in back very well. Turns on the haunches, I had to settle for Movement. Not correct movement, but to start, all four legs locked up, and only his head moved. Knowing I can now catch him, I thought poking or being ugly would just spook him again. So I kissed, and "slapped the air" by his head. Finally, his feet broke the ground, and he moved off the air-pressure. A few steps from each side, none of which done correctly.

Worked a few halts, a few flexes side to side.. all went well. Backed him a bit, and even that was good.

A successful 25 minutes. Catch, groom, dress, work. All without incident. He does remember! Cool!!!

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